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- Customer #'s are randomized from 0-9999 now appearing as e.g. Guest #0284
- This is a big one....Customers can now order directly from the tablet. It will go to an 'Unassigned Guest #' in the 'Customer Tabler Orders' table.
- Switching order status is super easy now. Just hover over the item and simple click pending/ready/delivered (all color cordinated) :-) - These tooltips are just too cool so I had to integrate the orders pages with them. Updating customer information has never been so damn fast!
- More qtip (bottom left of new order page).
- Added as many tool-tips to explain to new users how easy ezPOS really is.
- z-index fix - mobile users at tiny resolutions noticed UI glitch on the table layout page
- Better support for currencies. Decimal place issue fixed.
- Ordering just got easier...users can now define the customer name while taking the order (instead of after)
- Switching guests when ordering has been optimized (Previous/Next Guest)
- Fixed unicode text bug
- Back button added for fullscreen support
- Changes image file upload to crop by 400x400px (should make things slightly faster).
- Fixed bug when searching for product would add the table name to the guest (oops!)
- Changing options, prices, or product names will keep you on the same screen without redirecting you to the most popular products page :)
- Touch support for editing products and tables. Simply hold your finger down on the food/drink item or table for 2 seconds. Sorry...still no drag support.
- Bigger numbers on digital menu
- Number format style (mainly commas)
- Support for custom currency symbols
- Graphical reports will show breakdowns of total sum
E.g. - Product: QTY*PRICE=SUM for top selling products
- Dashboard FINALLY reports give breakdowns for cash vs credit card, outstanding tabs, and total refunds
- Daily report graph now shows up to the minute orders

- Closing an order will now redirect you back to the floor plan where you select a new table to open.

- Pre-cache the menu images by going to "Tools > Cache Menu"

- Responsive ordering views (1-2-3-5 to a row) depending on resolution or page-zoom (ctrl +/-).

- Right click on a food item (PC/Mac only) to edit the price, add/remove options or delete the product.

- Guest names can be added to tables

- Reserve a table by right clicking the table when dragging/moving tables.

- Navigation tweaks

- Manage Users

- Import/Export bulk products using CSV

- Edit store settings

- Change receipt message

- Change global tax and credit card fees

- Testing development for guests visually added to a table a success

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